Kingdom Excellence Consulting

“If excellence matters to GOD, it should matter to you.”

A Thriving Ministry Starts HereEquipping Church Leaders and Enabling Congregations.

GOD has shown you the next ministry steps

We’re here to help you take them.

You’re looking for more than ideas

You’re looking for strategies that fit with your ministry culture and mission.

You don’t have time for theory.

You’re looking for tactical ministry direction that will resonate with your people and move the ministry forward.

The Kingdom Excellence ApproachOutside the Box Solutions

Align Your Vision Your Strategy – Your Team

Bring your entire congregation into focus with the abundant life promised us all by Jesus Christ! Towanda Cole works with ministries of all sizes to support their next steps of success.
“Growing and thriving ministries are characterized by a culture of love for GOD's people along with the right tools and systems to help facilitate Biblical literacy and spiritual maturity.”
Towanda Coles

Ministry GrowthTake the Stress Out of Your Efforts to Mentor Believers and Expand the Kingdom

STARTUP COACHINGAssisting You to Grow Your Influence and Impact

Towanda Coles helps congregational leaders brainstorm new avenues of outreach in the marketplace and implement time-tested, proven ministry tools.

The objective and mission of the church is unchanging, but methods and tools do alter to meet the fluctuating climate of our culture. My aim is to inspire excellence through social ministry and digital discipleship strategies in serving the Kingdom of God.

Church Leaders
Ministry Teams
Entire Congregations
Christian Schools
Christian Camps

Conducting Assessment

Roadmapping Strategy

Clarifying Vision

Taking Action

Excellence in Ministry ConsultationWe listen before we leap and love before we give advice.

Great ideas are only helpful as they are able to overcome the roadblocks to change within a ministry. At Kingdom Excellence Consulting, we work carefully with church leadership to navigate these sometimes turbulent waters.