Work With Towanda

“If excellence matters to GOD, it should matter to you.”

My Mission Towanda’s passion is serving the local church in the spirit of Kingdom Excellence.

With over 20 years of leadership experience serving the local church, Towanda has expertise in the areas of Church Administration, Leadership Development and Ministry operations.
New Ideas
Hard Work

What's I've DoneTowanda has

worked with several ministry teams throughout the years helping them explore, define, act upon their GOD-given abilities. If your ministry team is looking for the encouragement and insight to make a breakthrough, consider engaging with Towanda on an inspirational talk or group training session. Towanda Coles cares about the multi-generational aspect of your ministry and will work to put together concepts that everyone can embrace.

A few of these tools are:

• Explaining Change
• Modeling Change
• Committing to Change
• Working Through Change

MY EXPERTISEIs Helping To Take Your Ministry to the Next Level

- Evaluating Your Resources
- Exploring Your Talents
- Examining Your Opportunities
- Expressing Your Unique Perspective

Towanda currently serves as Executive Director at High Calling Ministries in Upper Marlboro, Md.

Towanda’s consulting strives to balance excellence across the three life spheres:

-The Home
-The Church
-The Marketplace

“Having served in various leadership roles in the local church, I observed how several great ideas would be introduced that could move ministries forward, however, those ideas often didn’t make it to execution due to fear of breaking with church tradition, lack of clarity on in vision and mission, lack of accountability and follow-through and the inability to embrace alternative methods. Kingdom Excellence Consulting provides a way to disrupting the status quo in a healthy way by providing time-tested solutions to common problems faced by the local church”.

~Towanda Coles

Ministry GrowthTake the Stress Out of Your Efforts to Mentor Believers and Expand the Kingdom