I Need a 1 On 1

Last week, I decided to join up with women across the country and participate in the One Month Kingdom Woman Journey. This one month journey is based on the amazing book, Kingdom Woman authored by Chrystal Evans Hurst and her dad Dr. Tony Evans. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS BOOK (SN: Leaders read)! So when Chrystal announced that for one month women could come together and share this journey of being a Kingdom Woman together, I thought, I’m all in! I need this!

With the changing of the season upon us (the Fall season begins 9.22.2013) I began to feel there was a shifting of seasons taking place in my own life. Internally I’d begun to feel “anxious” in some ways and started to remind myself of the usual – “GOD is in control”, “be anxious for nothing”, “if you pray don’t worry, if you worry, don’t pray”. Yep. I get that. I do. But the truth of the matter is, sometimes, even those of us who serve in the Kingdom of GOD find ourselves needing some answers to some very serious questions.

It’s just when I begin to feel overwhelmed that GOD has a way of reminding me, “hey, Towanda, I can help you with this”, that I’m comforted and encouraged. You see, no matter what we face, GOD knew we’d be right where we are BEFORE we even arrived at this point in our lives. The scriptures tell us “you saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book “. (Psalm 139:16NLT) As I paused to meditate on this verse, I quietly decided, I need a 1 on 1 with GOD.

Zacardi Cortez has released a single that has been in heavy rotation on my iPhone lately.  The song, 1 on 1, opens with this verse:

I, I just need my one on one time with you.
With no, no interruptions I just want it to be me and you
I need a one on one
I just need a one on one, with you

Isn’t it great that GOD has an open door policy with us? I know I’m glad about it because there are times this kingdom woman (loving wife, busy mom, servant leader, helpful friend) feels like she’s unraveling at both ends and that at any moment I could be thrown into a mental tizzy. {BREATHE}. But thanks be to GOD who invites me to come and just let Him know how I’m feeling.

FACT: GOD knows everything about me and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about any season of my life comes as a surprise to Him – At. All.

So, as I’ve prayed Psalm 139 for the past week and have opened my heart to GOD, I’ve prayed the following:

 Search me, O GOD and know my heart;
Test me and know my anxious thoughts.
Point out anything in me that offends you, and lead me along the path of everlasting life.
(Psalm 139:23-24)

As a kingdom woman, “one who positions herself under and operates according to the rule of GOD over every area of her life” and as a servant leader in the body of Christ, I confess that sometimes I just need GOD to search me, examine me, take inventory of my life and remove those things that are offensive to Him (like doubting that He knows what I’m facing at every moment of the day and fearing for one second that I’m being overlooked) and that hinder me from being this “kingdom woman” I’m trying to become.  Not to mention that as one who seeks to influence others to serve GOD with excellence, I must constantly ensure I’m living the life and doing my part not to become a stumbling block to others.

Time with GOD is vital to my very existence – as vital as my next breath.  This morning, while the house was quiet and as the sun was beginning to kiss the horizon I quietly stepped into GOD’s office and had one of many 1 on 1 sessions (big thanks to Chrystal Hurst for agreeing to Tweet me to make sure I kept my appointment. In my head, she’s my new BFF). I tell you, after our time together, I’m reassured that everything that concerns me concerns GOD and He, as always, has it all in control.

Be encouraged to know that whatever you may face RIGHT NOW, GOD sees, He knows and He cares. You are constantly on His mind (Psalm 139:17).

I see the office door open. Go ahead – He has a slot open for a 1 on 1 with you too.

With Excellence,


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