Repositioning the Family for Kingdom Work

*reposition – to shift, to realign, to put back into place*

For the month of July 2013, my family and I were blessed to participate in a month long series focusing on getting families back in line with GOD’s original intent for the family unit.

This series focused on each member of the family understanding their respective roles in the home – Men, Women and Children. How dynamic the family unit can be if we understood how important our roles are in helping to advance the Kingdom of GOD.

It’s no secret – broken homes are made up of broken people who bring their brokenness to churches. Far too often, families do not receive the necessary help needed to address and heal their brokenness which further aides in the dysfunction we witness today.

As I reflected on the lessons being taught and my role in the family as a wife and mother, I thought about how my desire for kingdom excellence really begins at home. Consider this – how can one expect to lead others to pursue excellence in ministry when our lives are in chaos at home? Don’t misunderstand, I’ll be the first to yell, I’M FLAWED! However, shouldn’t we all be striving to “practice what we preach?”

As my family and I began this journey of evaluating where we stood as a family and our desire to get in alignment with GOD’s word, we came across some fantastic resources that opened our eyes in amazing ways (SN: Leaders Read!). My husband began reading “Kingdom Man” by Dr. Tony Evans and I began reading “Kingdom Woman” by Dr. Tony Evans and his daughter, Chrystal Evans Hurst.  The message of these books further confirmed that when we understand our roles as a Kingdom Man and Kingdom Woman and how it is our responsibility to position ourselves and operate according to the rule of GOD in every area of lives, then and only then are we in a position to effectively lead our families.

Here are a few takeaways I captured during this month I thought I’d share with you:

1. Lead well at home – first!

2. Being diligent in spiritual disciplines (prayer, Bible Study) at home has a powerful impact when we engage in these activities publicly with others. Your relationship with GOD becomes evident.

3. Make having a relationship with GOD attractive to your children. Engage in prayer and Bible Study with them. Training our kids at home to serve GOD results in children who grow up with a desire to advance the Kingdom of GOD.

4. Seek balance – be sure to invest the time necessary in making sure your family is whole in every area. Do not sacrifice family time for ministry.

5. Love, value, cherish and appreciate one another.

I thank GOD for the family He has blessed me with and the opportunity given to be an example of His love to others. I encourage those who lead in ministry to pause for a moment to evaluate the condition of your family. Men, have you checked in with your wife to make sure you’re both focused on the same things? Ladies, have you affirmed your husband by letting Him know that you believe in his ability to lead your family as GOD shows him? Young people, are you submitting to the authority of your parents at home and honoring them as GOD says you should?

Before we consider leading anyone else, let’s stop and consider the conditions of our families FIRST and begin to operate with kingdom excellence at home.

With Excellence,


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