10 Commandments of Effective Leadership – No Church Left Behind

On April 25 – 27, 2013, thousands of pastors and church leaders from around the globe met at the Dallas Convention Center in Dallas, TX for the annual Pastors and Leaders Conference hosted by Bishop T.D. Jakes. I’ve had the pleasure of attending one of these conferences and each year Bishop Jakes and his team delivers one solid event – year after year.

I loved the theme of this year’s event – NO Church Left Behind. There are ministry teams around the world seeking for ways to bring their ministries into the 21st century without compromising the message of Jesus Christ. With the ever-increasing presence of technology, sometimes trying to find ways to engage church members can be a daunting task and intimidating for those ministry leaders who may not have embraced the benefits of technology.

This year’s conference had a line up of over 30 sessions that covered practically every area of ministry. Bishop Jakes is serious about equipping the Body of Christ with the tools they need to ensure their ministries execute with kingdom excellence in every area of their ministry.

Bishop Jakes opened the conference with what he calls the 10 Commandments of Effective Leadership. I found these principles to be vital to understanding how we should operate with kingdom excellence and captured some notes to share.

Commandment #1 – Thou shalt not lead beyond your own exposure
In other words, you cannot lead others beyond the level at which you’ve been exposed. As a leader, you should always find ways to expose yourself to materials that will help you GROW as a leader and help take your team to the next level.

Commandment #2 – Thou shalt not choose your leadership team like you choose your friends
There are too many people who can know you one way, but serve you another. Be careful about placing friends in leadership.

Commandment #3 – Thou shalt not reward nepotism
Leaders should know that the people you serve pay attention to what you reward. They notice who/what actions you celebrate. Be certain its behavior you want repeated. Learn to reward people for performance and NOT personality.

Commandment #4 – Thou shalt not avoid confrontation
When it comes to learning how to confront issues, leaders must decide if they want to be effective when its time to confront an issue. The bottom line is this – you cannot be an effective leader without confronting issues. Leaders must be willing to put being liked at risk for the sake of being effective.

Commandment #5 – Thou shalt not over promise and under deliver
Be careful not to allow your advertisement – how your ministry looks on your marketing materials – not be better than your reality.

Commandment #6 – Thou shalt clearly articulate expectations
Oftentimes it’s frustrating as a leader when it appears things are not meeting your expectations. First ask yourself, “did I do my part to communicate my expectations clearly?” Next time, have your team repeat back to you what your expectations are to ensure they’re clear as to what you expect of them.

Commandment #7 – Thou shalt not mistake regimentation for revelation
Simply put – a leader moves, they transition. Your church is excited about fresh revelation and not stale traditionalism.

Commandment #8 – Thou shalt not lead forward without updates
It makes no sense not to update your team. If you’ve received information that could be helpful for the team, update them! Find ways to update those in your circle or else your staff will become experts at giving you what you USED to need. Updates are important!

Commandment #9 – Thou shalt not lead without listening
Understand that listening is very important in leadership. Be careful not to always monopolize the time you have with your team members by being the only person sharing. Stop. Listen to them. Just because you’re sitting in the office doesn’t mean you know what’s going on in the basement. Learn to listen to those in the trenches.

Commandment #10 – Thou shalt cross-pollinate
Get out of your circle and expose yourself to other giftings. Be confident enough to be exposed to various idioms of thought. Understand that bringing another talent who can take your team to the next level doesn’t make you a bad leader – it makes you a GREAT leader!

Finally, it’s so important to remember great leaders read! Not only you be an avid reader of the word of GOD should also read books that will challenge you to grow in your leadership abilities. Challenge your team to follow your lead and start reading. In a future post, I’m going to share my reading list with hopes you are inspired to read and GROW!

Take this list and evaluate yourself. Do you see areas where you can improve as a leader? When you know better, you do better!

Again, great job to Bishop Jakes and his team for delivering another stellar event! Just another example of what kingdom excellence looks like.

With Excellence,

Disclaimer: These notes were captured on April 25, 2013 during the public service hosted by Bishop T.D. Jakes. These personal notes were gathered in a public forum and these personal notes are being shared on this blog for informational purposes only. 


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