Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

This post is dedicated to the women (and some men too!) who serve in an administrative capacity for the Body of Christ.

Today, I salute you for all of the “behind the scenes” work you do to make sure your local assembly executes with kingdom excellence. I know where you are and I know how you feel and today let me share you with you that You. Are. Appreciated! The kingdom needs you to continue working hard and serving the people of GOD with excellence.

Your role is VITAL to the smooth execution of some of the things others may take for granted. For example, the way you keep your Senior Pastor organized. Without you, he (or she) would double book themselves with meetings and appointments, or fail to block off time to spend with their families. Or how about how you keep the ministry calendar in order? You take the time to ensure the ministry doesn’t miss an engagement or that as an engagement approaches, those who need to be in place are where they’re supposed to be. You do what you do without complaining and need for recognition because for you, it’s more than just managing calendars and appointments and sending correspondence – administrative support is a ministry!

I am a firm believer not everyone is called for administrative ministry. Outside of the basics, you know, having good interpersonal skills, being able to put together a formal letter, using proper English, basic phone skills, etc, this ministry requires so much more. How about the fact that you understand how to keep your pastor’s confidence – because there are times when your pastor gets frustrated and overwhelmed and YOU oftentimes are the ones to hear it. Yep, they’re human and it shows. This ministry requires you to know how to also support your Pastor’s spouse. Yep, that’s right! You may not administratively support your pastor’s spouse but in serving your pastor you’re making sure that his/her schedule is not monopolized with the business of the church. NO! Kingdom excellence calls for our leaders to know how to take care of their FIRST ministry – their families! You help them do that by ensuring enough time is built into their schedules for family time. Oftentimes, you are managing several tasks at once and at every moment know what’s going on where. As the administrative support of the ministry, you’re always on duty. No matter where you are, you’re armed and ready to take on the next task. Again, I tell you, you are appreciated!

As the administrative support of the ministry, you are the one folks will find reason to fault if there’s a typo in the church bulletin, or if the church voicemail isn’t working or if someone was left off of the email distro list – no matter what goes wrong, oftentimes, the administrative support is the first in line for attack. Yep, been there, done that! And to you, I say, hang in there. You won’t always get a thank you or an “atta girl” for the things you do. But always remember, you serve GOD – first! Serve with a smile, serve with compassion, serve with a sincere heart and always, always, serve with excellence.

Again, I salute you! Your gift is needed in the Kingdom!

With Excellence,


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