Leaders Lead With Excellence

As I watched President Obama deliver a very moving speech during today’s interfaith service, I couldn’t help but begin to admire his leadership style and how he leads our country (in my personal opinion) with excellence.

Our country has experienced several tragic events in the past months. Events that, for some, have caused us to question our faith, to constantly look over our shoulders and to even hide away in fear. But in the midst of tragedy and times of uncertainty, there needs to be someone who can rise up and restore our faith and confidence in what we know is right.

In the past few months, President Obama has had to deliver this type of speech far too frequently – back in December in CT as we witnessed the lives of children and adults lost to senseless gun violence and most likely, we’ll hear another inspiring message of compassion from the state of TX. As a leader, it’s his job to be the voice of hope, the voice of reason, the voice of inspiration. As a leader, it’s his job to show courage and authority in the face of those who would do wrong. As a leader, it’s his job to lead with compassion for those with wounded spirits.

Here are a few things that I took away from today’s speech about ways a leader leads with excellence:

1. A leader has faith in a power much greater than themselves. Today’s service brought together persons from various religious backgrounds. Each one of these persons serves as a leader in his or her community and has had to first, find it within themselves, to believe in a greater power. For me, my faith lies in Jesus Christ, the son of the living GOD. The point is that each of these persons recognize they cannot lead and encourage others if they first do not have faith.

2. A leader has courage in the face of adversity. As a leader, we all face adversity or times of challenge. You haven’t? I encourage you to keep leading, because one day, you will! A leader who leads with excellence displays a courageous disposition, one that is not intimidated by the senseless acts of others but will remember who they are and who they represent. Leading with excellence requires a leader to always, always remember who they are! A leader recognizes that fear is of the enemy. Know who you are!

3. A leader that leads with excellence leads from a place of love and compassion. A great leader knows how to encourage those they serve to push on, persevere and to not grow weary, even when it hurts.

The world is crying out for leaders who will lead from a place of service and not dictatorship. Will you be that leader? Will you purpose today to lead with excellence? Regardless of where you serve, determine to be excellent in your leadership example. The Kingdom is counting on you.

With Excellence,


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