Kingdom Integrity

Serving the Body of Christ is an awesome privilege. To know that our great GOD has entrusted those in leadership positions to lead HIS people is humbling.

Our commitment to kingdom excellence is not just reserved for how we ought to serve when assembled with our brothers and sisters, but our positions as servant leaders requires we operate with what I like to call Kingdom Integrity at all times.

Kingdom Integrity, simply put, is being who GOD called you to be at all times operating in ways that honor GOD, your family, your community and the local assembly you serve.

We need to guard ourselves against sloppy living. We can’t expect to maintain Kingdom Integrity if our private lives are in shambles. Take inventory of yourself and your behavior. Ask yourself, “would GOD be pleased with my behavior outside of the church or away from the people I serve”? “Could my behavior or my conversation question whether or not I live the life I encourage others to lead”?

The scriptures tell us how we should conduct ourselves at all times. We are GOD’s representatives in the earth. It matters how we conduct ourselves at all times. As servant leaders, we are NEVER off duty! Our lives belong to GOD and HE expects us to operate in a way that pleases HIM all the time – everywhere.

Kingdom Integrity. Walk in it.

With Excellence,


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